Hi, did you know that traveling is not just about getting around?

It’s about meeting people, new cultures, tasting new flavors, seeing amazing creations of man and nature, and learning a language… I could go on and on. Travel has been with me since childhood. I have always loved watching geography programs, browsing through an atlas, and driving by a map while driving. I marvel at how much you can learn and experience life and have fun at the same time. The love of travel was instilled in me by my parents, and I wholeheartedly thank them for it! I have already traveled to many destinations, but I still have new ideas and new goals to accomplish. I love exotic places, but nothing drives and motivates me more than big cities. Full of people, modernity, technology, the smell of fresh coffee and people, lost in their everyday life, and yet with a smile passing by on a subway line or a bike.

What have travels given me?

First, “travels educate” – this is true. I met a lot of amazing and open-minded people, I got to know new cultures, architecture and art of many countries. This year, I have already been to New York, Poland, Japan, South Africa, Israel, and now I am going to Iceland.
There is a Taoist saying: you can know the whole world without leaving your home; he who travels knows little. Doesn’t it sound like a paradox? But such is the most important journey we experience. A trip to which we get to know ourselves. And by traveling alone, I get to know myself each time, even more!

I invite you to read about my travels and my feelings, which I share on my blog!