What to do when the weather is good and you have 2-3 days off to relax? Why sit at home! Pack your suitcase and go for a quick city break to the magical Krakow! The amazing capital of Malopolska will provide you with attractions at any time of day or night. Pack your suitcase, buy cheap flight tickets and land in Krakow Balice Airport. The airport near Krakow has such a richly developed network of connections that you can find yourself here from almost every side of the world!

So don’t hesitate any longer! Pack your suitcases and book the Krakow guide online with us on a tour of the former capital of Poland. Our adventure was spontaneous and 100% successful.

It is the magical capital of Malopolska and at the same time the historical capital of Poland. This is a city with a thousand years of history, the seat of Polish kings. Krakow’s Old Town is a unique treasury of works of art and monuments, which present almost all architectural styles. The heart of the city for hundreds of years is the main square. It has been preserved unchanged since 1270 and is on the UNESCO list. The main attractions include the Royal Castle, the Market Square, the Market Underground, St. Mary’s Church, Grodzka Street, the city’s historical museum, the monument to the Wawel Dragon or the mounds from which you can see a beautiful panorama of the entire city.

Krakow in a nutshell

What to see, where to go when you only have a few days to visit a city that takes a week or more? Where is the best place to stay for a week to feel the atmosphere and magic of the amazing Krakow? We have checked what are the most interesting places worth seeing.

We do not promise that a tourist will manage to visit all of them within two/three days. However, a multitude of monuments, rich artistic and cultural life and magical atmosphere await you.

Main Square in Krakow

Getting to the city

Situated on the intersection of important trade routes, at the crossroads of cultures and political influences for centuries, Krakow is considered Poland’s most important tourist destination. The network of connections also makes Krakow one of the most easily accessible cities in this part of Europe. These include numerous facilities – from the A4 freeway, low-cost airline connections, to a railroad line from the airport to the city center and a network of public transport. From Krakow airport, the JTP Group company offers its private service of comfortable transportation to the city center – I recommend using it!

Whatever the weather…

Your stay in Krakow can be varied, also depending on the weather, it is worth looking for various attractions here. During the summer, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Vistula River or the nearby Bagry. Go for a bike ride, and in the evening relax with a good drink on the bustling Main Square. So, both in summer and winter, your visit to the city will be a success. In the wintertime, the inseparable element is the Christmas market, mulled wine while strolling through the festively dressed Planty park or a huge ice rink near Błonia.

Live comfortably!

Krakow has the best tourist base in Poland, meeting the needs of tourists with various degrees of wealth. In the center and its neighbourhood there are several dozens of high standard hotels. At the same time there are many small hotels situated even close to the Main Square. There is a rich offer of hostels and apartments, especially in Kazimierz.

Free Internet is available in almost all of these places, as well as in cafes and restaurants. Free cell phone applications provide assistance in exploring the city on your own.

Most of the tourist attractions are concentrated within the Old Town and Kazimierz district, so distances are easily covered on foot. Fast travel is possible thanks to the streetcar network – usually more efficient than cabs during rush hours. There are ticket machines at key stops, on buses and streetcars.

Take advantage of offers from companies offering organized tours of the city

There are a number of companies in the city that offer sightseeing tours with multilingual guides. It is advisable to book such a tour in advance. This way you will get to know the history of Krakow, the local community, the most important monuments and you will meet new people. And if you have more time on your hands, look for a little adrenaline and take advantage of the rafting trips on the Dunajec river or the shooting range! Enjoy life and have fun in Krakow!

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