I recommend everyone to take an organised trip to Auschwitz from Krakow. Nothing can describe and show the drama that was done there until you see this place with your own eyes. The aura of the walls, traces of blood, remains of prisoners, wooden barracks… The cruelty indescribable. The drama of those times should be respected and the memory nurtured as a warning for future times. Let us educate the youth and all people, including tourists from other countries.

It is not without reason that the Auschwitz Museum is such a popular place and frequented by people from all over the world.

An organized trip has many advantages, as we will not miss any of the monuments, important places or stories told by the guide.

Departure from Krakow in the early morning hours, drive to Auschwitz. We will visit the grounds of the largest Nazi death camp in Oswiecim, which have become a symbol of the Holocaust. Today they are fully open to the public. We will visit both parts of the camp – Birkenau and Auschwitz – to get acquainted with this place. At the site we will watch a documentary film showing the cruelty and inhumanity of the crime and the first moments after the liberation of the camp. Then we will take a guided tour of the former site of the camp in Oswiecim, and the sub-camp in Birkenau.

Auschwitz Birkenau

Guides in Auschwitz

We should promote our difficult history in countries around the world. Travel agencies come up with such offers and advertise new forms of historical education. Auschwitz tours are trips with an educational panel. They can be part of a tour of Poland or a stand-alone product for tourists staying in the vicinity of Krakow. Well-prepared tour leaders and guides in Auschwitz will allow visitors to learn about Nazi crimes and the difficult fate of the Jewish people during World War II. It is worth buying a place on such a trip in advance, because they are very attractive among tourists visiting our country, as well as organized tours from Israel. This form of sightseeing is very educational.

For those more interested

Visits to authentic and inauthentic historical sites provide tourists with special opportunities and experiences different from the stories of teachers or grandparents. Such a visit can also, in the eyes of a young person, raise the “rank” of attentiveness to historical facts. Authentic historical places have a unique atmosphere that can arouse a special desire to know and evoke strong emotions. The guide should be aware that he/she is exposing his/her guests to such strong emotions and take this into account when preparing the visit. They allow for an in-depth understanding of given places and moments in time.

What is the role of the museum?

It is difficult for museums to replicate the emotional power of visiting authentic historical sites, but guests who are less overwhelmed by the power of their feelings will be able to see the broader historical context. The opportunity to observe original exhibits stimulates interest, motivation, and the process of learning, and provides an opportunity for direct and tangible contact with the past that is difficult to replicate with any other form of Holocaust education.

Before the tour, it should be explained that an authentic historical site is a memorial site with its own history, and that a visit to this site includes not only the acquisition of knowledge about the past, but also the question of how to remember and commemorate it. When visiting an authentic historic place, the focus should be on the history of the place. Visitors should actively use the site as historical evidence to examine themes and issues discussed prior to entry. The visit should not be seen solely as an opportunity to answer historical questions, but as a stimulus to raise new historical, ethical, and moral questions.

Visit Wieliczka too!

In order not to wallow in mourning and reverie after spending time in this particular hell onEarth, take a beautiful trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. An amazing natural wonder, visited by millions of tourists!

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