When visiting the Krakow shooting range, customers can choose from a wide range of weapons included in ready-made packages, none of which require any prior experience. Those interested in a particular weapon can construct their own package based on the list of weapons available on the Krakow shooting range’s website. Krakow shooting range price depends on the selected package. In addition, guests can make their own packages by informing the instructor and choosing from the weapons available on the shooting range – including those that are not included in the shooting range packages.

In the interest of the highest standard of service, each time before the start of the shooting, an experienced instructor conducts an extensive presentation in Polish or English, including safety rules and an explanation of how to handle each model included in the packages selected by customers. Our assigned instructors take care of the guests from the moment they enter until they leave the shooting field, providing assistance and correcting any mistakes during the shooting.

Is the shooting range a good place for children to play?

Often tourists struggle with the question of whether you can bring a child to the shooting range and whether there is an age limit for people who want to use the services of the shooting range. I will try to dispel doubts on this subject. I will answer directly- it is possible and there is no limit! But it is very individual. I encourage parents to bring their children to the Krakow’s shooting range as well. Shooting is an excellent and exciting entertainment for the whole family, from grandfather / grandmother to grandson / granddaughter. Specialized instructors will provide a completely stress-free atmosphere and full comfort and safety.

krakow shooting range

As they say… “It depends.”

When it comes to children, you have to take a very individual approach when it comes to weapon selection and shooting. At the shooting range in Krakow, there was a case of a young customer who was only 4.5 years old, and yet he handled the challenge very well. The recommended general age is about 7 years, but there may be a person aged 11-12 years, whose mental and physical characteristics do not allow to participate in such entertainment, or a person aged 5-6 years, who will have a lot of fun.


For clients under 14-15 years of age, based on individual characteristics, the instructor selects the appropriate weapon, amount of ammunition and form of shooting. Sporting sidearm – in caliber .22 LR is always a good choice. It generates virtually no recoil, and noise is kept to a minimum. It’s the best choice to get started, embrace the subject, and start with. Depending on how the situation develops, you can switch to a long gun armed with 9×19 mm pistol ammunition. This is already full-fledged combat ammunition used by the military and police, but fired from a gun that doesn’t jump or transfer excessive recoil to the shooter.

It’s simpler than it sounds

In order not to burden a young, excited shooter with too many tasks to perform, he will probably use a weapon equipped with a so-called collimator sight. This is a device that replaces the classic bow and jaw and drastically simplifies aiming. Simply place the red aiming point on the target and squeeze the trigger. “Put the thing on the thing and press the thing,” as we like to say. Using such a device eliminates the intrigue of having no success on the target and simplifies the shooting process as much as possible. If the child is young enough to have trouble holding the gun in their hands for long periods of time, the shooting will be done from a seated position and the instructor will support the gun so as not to tire the child’s arms.

Benefits of a visit to the shooting range

It should be noted that the positive effect of shooting on the psyche of children has been repeatedly proven. It is a sport that requires calmness and concentration, where impatience and lack of focus is immediately evident on the target. Patience, calmness and obedience are rewarded with bullets hitting the “bull’s eye”. It teaches that excessive emotion and putting action before thought in the decision-making process lead to failure. So it’s easy to conclude that learning to shoot can have a positive impact on parenting and decision-making during adolescence and adulthood – where the emphasis should be on logic and patience, not emotion and impulsiveness.

Full safety always in the first place

The Krakow shooting range provides full safety while shooting. The risk of an accident is practically non-existent. Before the shooting starts, the guests undergo a short training in the use of weapons and safety rules, and the instructor does not leave their side during the shooting itself. The guns are always under full control of the instructor and always pointed in a safe direction.

Try it out!

So I encourage whole families, kids, friends and parents to visit the range. Guaranteed safe, comfortable fun and healthy competition among family and friends, as well as cool souvenirs in the form of ammunition shells and targets perforated with your own hands. After such stunts I recommend to visit Krakow!

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